Local Economic Base

Local Economic Base


Investment projects aimed at satisfying the local market and boosting the internal market, with investments of more than €50,000, aimed at strengthening the productivity and competitiveness of companies by promoting integrated investment approaches, developed by commercial companies of any legal nature, complementary groupings of companies, cooperatives, or sole proprietors (SMEs only), which fall within the activities referred to below, are eligible for support.


Sole proprietors, commercial companies of any legal nature, co-operatives and complementary enterprise groupings.


Among other conditions, promoters must:

  1. Fulfil the criteria of a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME);
  2. Present a minimum financial autonomy in the pre-project year of 20%.

Among other conditions, projects must:

  1. Be initiated after the submission of the application, with the exception of the acquisition of land and buildings and the preparation of studies directly associated with the project;
  2. Have secured sources of funding and be financed by the promoter with a minimum percentage of 20% equity;
  3. Have a maximum implementation duration of three years, or two years for projects up to €200 thousand.


Non-repayable incentive of 35% for the islands of S. Miguel and Terceira, 40% for the islands of Faial and Pico and for the municipalities of Nordeste, Vila Franca do Campo and Povoação, on the island of São Miguel and 45% for the islands of Santa Maria, Graciosa, São Jorge, Flores and Corvo.

A realisation premium may be granted to projects, which consists of an increase of up to 20% to the non-refundable incentive rate.

The maximum amount of incentive to be granted per project is €4 million.

Payment Modality

Payments are made in the form of advance, reimbursement, and final payment.


In electronic form available, in Portuguese only, at https://balcaofundosue.pt/.

Application deadline

To be defined in the Call for Proposals.

Applicable legislation

Regional Regulatory Decree no. 21/2023/A..

Eligible activities

  1. Food industries
  2. Beverage industry
  1. Manufacture of textiles
  2. Clothing industry
  3. Manufacture of leather and other leather products
  4. Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
  5. Manufacture of pulp, paper, paperboard and articles thereof
  6. Printing and reproduction of recorded media. With the exception of 182 Reproduction of recorded media and 1811 Printing of newspapers.
  1. Manufacture of chemical products and man-made fibres, except pharmaceutical products
  2. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
  3. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products. With the exception of 222 Manufacture of articles of plastics.
  4. Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral product
  5. Manufacture of basic metals. With the exception of 241 Manufacture of iron and steel products
  6. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
  7. Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products and communications equipment
  8. Manufacture of electrical equipment
  9. Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
  10. Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and components for motor vehicles
  11. Manufacture of other transport equipment
  12. Manufacture of furniture and mattresses
  13. Other manufacturing
  14. Repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment
  1. Decontamination and similar activities
  1. Civil engineering
  2. Specialised construction activities
  1. Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorbikes
  2. Wholesale trade (including agents), except of motor vehicles and motorbikes. Eligible investment up to €350 thousand. With regard to divisions 45 and 46, investment projects for setting up in industrial parks or zones and modernisation of establishments in existing buildings are eligible for support. Commercial establishments in shopping centres or department stores are excluded.
  3. Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorbikes. Eligible investment up to €350 thousand. With regard to division 47, investment projects for the installation and modernisation of commercial establishments in existing buildings, located in urban centres, in areas geographically delimited by the City Council, or located in areas that clearly show market failures, are eligible for support. Commercial establishments located in shopping centres or department stores are excluded.
  1. Catering and similar. Eligible investment up to €500 thousand. Projects for the installation, modernisation or extension of existing buildings are eligible for support. Commercial establishments located in shopping centres or department stores are excluded. All the following services: Eligible investment up to €500 thousand.
  1. Computer consultancy and programming and related activities
  1. Architectural, engineering, and related technical activities; technical testing and analysis activities
  1. Other professional, scientific, and technical activities and similar activities
  2. Veterinary activities. Only modernisation projects are eligible for support.
  1. Employment activities
  1. Social work activities without accommodation
  1. Repair of computers and personal and household goods
  1. Construction of buildings (residential and non-residential)
  1. Storage
  1. Sound recording and music publishing activities
  1. Data processing, information hosting and related activities; web portals
  1. Cleaning activities
  2. Planting and maintenance of gardens activities
  1. Motion picture, video, and television programme production activities
  2. Post-production technical activities for motion pictures, videos and television programmes
  1. Dental practice and dentistry activities. Only modernisation projects are eligible for support.
  1. Nursing activities
  1. Other human health activities n.e.c.
  1. Support activities for the performing arts
  1. Gymnasium (fitness) activities
  1. Physical well-being activities

This Incentive Measure does not cover investment projects related to the primary production of agricultural products listed in Annex I to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Local Economic Base

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