The Azores archipelago is constituted by nine islands.


Located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, in between the European, American, and African continents, the Portuguese archipelago is a two-hour flight away from Lisbon, three to five hours from other European capitals, and five to six hours from the U.S.A. (East coast) and Canada.


The Azores stands out from any other Portuguese region because of its geostrategic position that offers new business opportunities like no other, as an advanced frontier for Europe in relation to the American continent, with a massive economic potential, developed in harmony with nature and characterized by environmental practices and unique sustainability.


With areas ranging from 747 square kilometers (S. Miguel Island) and 17 square kilometers (Corvo Island), the Azorean population totals more than 240,000 inhabitants and each of the islands has its own distinct cultural characteristics which make them unique.


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