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Incentives Subsystem for Internationalization


Projects in all activity sectors are eligible within the scope of the Incentives Subsystem for Internationalization with exception of projects related to:

a) Production of agricultural products listed in the Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union;

b) Steel sector and synthetic fibres sector;

c) Transport sector;

d) Energy sector;

e) Coal sector;

f) Fishing sector;

g) Companies whose main activity is included in Financing and Insurance Activities, Main Office Activities or Consulting Activities for businesses and management.

Projects Typology


Actions for penetrating external markets to the Autonomous Region of the Azores, as well as businesses promotion, facilitation, knowledge generation and information disclosure actions that directly contribute for the generation and development of goods and transactional services in the following categories:

a) Market prospection

Detection, knowledge and intervention in market segments external to the Autonomous Region of the Azores, and identification of potential clients in target markets for regional products and services outside the regional space.

b) Commercialization and marketing

Developments and reinforcement of commercialization, marketing and distribution capacities needed to the presence of the regional products and services in the external markets to the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

c) Digital economy

Business models improvement and promotion of dematerialized businesses with clients and suppliers, through technological management solutions as well as usage of the information and communication technologies using the Internet.

Market Access

Co-participation in expenses with transportation of regional products within the Autonomous Region of the Azores, and from it to the exterior in an attempt to compensate the additional costs resulting from the ultra-peripheral condition of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Business Cooperation Actions

Cooperation initiatives between companies as well as between them and other entities aiming to create joint support to penetration projects in external markets to the Autonomous Region of the Azores, namely at the level of external market knowledge and the spreading of business and investment opportunities.


Self-employed businesspeople, individual establishments of limited liability, commercial societies, cooperatives and complementary company groupings may apply to the Internationalization and Market Access typologies. The appliers must exercise their activity in The Autonomous Region of the Azores.

All promoters mentioned above may apply to the Business Cooperation typology, as well as:

a) Public Entities with specific public policy competences in the business field;

b) Business associations, local development associations and entities from the Scientific and Technological  System of the Azores pursuing their activity in the private business sector;

c) Clusters.

Access requirements

Investment over €5,000 and under €2M supported by a well-grounded Internationalization Plan under the terms of the structure defined in the Regulation.

Market Access

It must involve expenses over € 1,000, corresponding to the transportation (inter-islands and from the Azores to the exterior) of selected regional products and not including expenses older than six months prior to the application date.

Click here to know the list of products covered by Market Access projects.

Click here to view the standard table for the co-participation amount’s maximum limit for eligible expenses covered by this typology.

Business Cooperation

It should involve an investment over €15,000 and under €1,5M and be supported by a well-grounded Cooperation Plan under the terms of the structure defined in the Regulation. 

Nature and Amount of the Incentive

Non-refundable incentive with the following rates:

Internationalization and Business Cooperation: 50% for small companies, 40% for medium-sized companies and 30% for big companies.

Market Access: 90% with a limit of €400 thousand for three consecutive years and €200 thousand per year.

Bonuses and Increments

The following bonuses may be granted to projects for Internationalization and Business Cooperation, after investment completion:

a) Turnover, only for existing companies – 2,5% or 5%;

b) International Turnover, only for existing companies – 2,5% or 5%;

c) Ratio between the Turnover and the International Turnover, only for projects that lead to the generation of companies – 2,5%, 5%, 7,5% or 10%.

The following increments may be granted to Internationalization and Business Cooperation projects:

a) 5% when dealing with Marca Açores products;

b) 10%, only for Business Cooperation projects, when coordinated by a big or medium-sized company, involving small companies in the islands of Santa Maria, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo.

Agricultural products

The Regulation of this Subsystem establishes the specific rules for expenses eligibility of Internationalization and Business Cooperation projects that involve agricultural products.

Application deadlines


Managing entity

Regional Directorate for the Support of Investment and Competitiveness (Direção Regional de Apoio ao Investimento e Competitividade).


Click here for the Regulation.

Reading this information does not substitute the knowledge of the relevant legislation (Competir + and the Regulation for this Incentives Subsystem).

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