Sociedade para o Desenvolvimento Empresarial dos Açores, EPER

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The Autonomous Region of the Azores

Number of Islands: 9
Official Language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro
Population: 246 102
Total Surface Area: 2326,45 Km2


Why Azores?

  • The Azores offer excellent opportunities to meet the challenges of the XXI Century


Strategic Location

  • Unique location between Europe, the Americas and Africa
  • Large Exclusive Economic Zone (≈ 1 000 000 Km2)


Friendly Business Environment

  • The Most Embracing Investment Incentives System of the EU
  • Attractive Incentives for Job Creation
  • Tax Benefits
  • Peaceful Region with Social and Political stability


Leadership In Renewable Energies

  • A great percentage in generating Energy by Renewable Sources
  • National leader in Biogas and Geothermal Energy


Available Resources

  • Plenty of Water and Marine Resources
  • Natural competitive advantages for diversified agro-food activities
  • Unique conditions for Tourism
  • Qualified human resources and good English language knowledge
  • Population with the lowest average age in the country (37.3 years old);


Good Structural Conditions

  • Airports and ports in all islands
  • Availability of technology and industrial parks with excellent infrastructures
  • High Speed Transmission Network connecting Azores with USA, Europe and other islands


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