Sociedade para o Desenvolvimento Empresarial dos Açores, EPER

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Mission Statement

SDEA, EPER designs and implements business development incentive measures aimed at reinforcing Azorean companies’ competitiveness and productivity, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.

SDEA is in charge of overseeing and evaluating the results of all of the measures established in the Azorean Agenda for the Creation of Employment and Business Competitiveness.


In order to fulfil its mission, SDEA has the following responsibilities:

a) Recommend and promote measures to reduce context costs, in order to simplify and streamline investment processes;

Design new measures in incentive policies, namely financial incentive systems for the investment and operation of regional businesses;

c) Analyse and evaluate incentives policies;

Design measures to the foster employment and vocational training;


Manage a network of Business Offices, aimed at supporting businesses and entrepreneurs with information on business life cycle;


Foster entrepreneurship and innovation, promoting measures aimed at the creation of new, innovative, value-added and knowledge-based businesses;

g) Develop collective efficiency strategies for SMEs, thus promoting structured improvements to the business environment;

Promote the regional export base;


Conceive the Açores brand, and promote it globally, as an instrument for the promotion of exports, internationalization and the attraction of foreign investment;


Support, coordinate and promote marketing actions, outside the Region, for Azorean products and services;

k) Promote and publicize abroad the economic activities developed in the Region;
l) Promote foreign and national investment;

Carry out initiatives for the promotion of investment aimed at internationalizing regional businesses;


Act as a key partner to SMEs when dealing with administrative organizations, without compromising responsibilities;


Intervene in the management of business parks, promoting innovation, technological entrepreneurship, corporate partnerships and logistic synergies;

p) Promote the use of new financial sources, such as venture capital, securing credit and mutual guarantee credit, and manage SIREVE for Azorean companies;

Celebrate agreements with regional, national, or international organizations on matters of interest for the business development of the Region;


Cooperate with other public, private, national or foreign organizations on projects that contribute to SDEA’s objectives;


Participate in institutes, companies, associations, or other organizations which might contribute to economic development;

t) Publish or promote the publication of business information;

Promote studies in fields that are part of our responsibilities;


All other responsibilities conferred by law.


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